विधि महाविद्यालय में संचालित विषयों का विवरण:
एल एल.बी के विषयों का विवरण
1. एल एल.बी. प्रथम वर्ष: 

(1)Law of Contract. (General of Principales)

(2) Contract. (Special Contracts)

(3)  Law of Tort including MV Act and Consumer Laws.

(4) Family Law-I (Hindu Law)

(5) Family Law II (Muslim Law)

(6) Constitutional Law of India-I

(7) Environmental Law

(8) Alternative Dispute Resolution- Clinical Course

(9) Interpretation of Statute and Principles of Legislations.

(10) Equity And Trusts.

2. एल.एल.बी. द्वितीय वर्ष:

  • Law of Crimes-I (Penal Code)
  • Property Law
  • Company Law
  • Public International Law.
  • Labour Laws.
  • Constitutional Law of India-II.
  • Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System.
  • Penology and Victimology.
  • International Human Rights.

3. एल.एल.बी. तृतीय वर्ष:

  • Law of Evidence.
  • Law of Crimes-II (Criminal Procedure Code)
  • Civil Procedure Code and Limitation
  • Legal Language, Legal writing and General English.
  • Principles of Taxation Law.
  • Administrative Law.
  • Drafting, Pleading and conveyance Clinical Course
  • Moot Court, Exercise and Internship Clinical Course
  • Land Laws including Tenure and Tenancy system.
  • Information Technology

2 एल एल.एम के विषयों का विवरण

एल एल.एम प्रथम वर्ष

1.Legal theory and Judicial process

2.Law and Social transformation in India

3.Indian Constitutional Law- The New Challenges

  1. Legal Education and Research methodology
  2. practical examinition

एल एल.एम अन्तिम वर्ष

  1. Law of Industrialand intellectual property
  2. Legal regulation of Economice Enterprises
  3. Law of Export Import regulation
  4. Banking Law
  5. Insurance Law
  6. Corporate Finance
  7. Dissertation & Viva-voce

डिप्लोमा इन लेबर लाॅ

  1. Industrial Relations and Law
  2. Labour welfare legislation & Industrial Sociology and Labour Welfare: Concept and philosophy of Labour Welfare
  3. Wages and Social security Legislation
  4. Personal Management & Industrial Psychology
  5. Labour Jurisprudence & The ILO
  6. Labour Economices and Labour Statistics and Organized & Unorganized Labour Organizations